Officer Shot three times while attempting to arrest suspect

Camera footage of Baltimore firefight

Baltimore Police Officer Steven Foster and Officer Phillip Lippe attempted to take a person suspected of dealing drugs into custody. The suspect shot at Officer Lippe and struck him three times, twice in the vest and once in the elbow. One of the rounds that struck Officer Lippe’s body camera. The suspect was armed with a SCCY pistol but was killed when the officers returned fire.

Even having the gun was a violation of his parole. The suspect “was serving 20 years from June 2004 for second-degree murder, 5 years concurrent for use of handgun in crime of violence and 1 year and 1 day for second-degree assault,” The Daily Mail notes. He was paroled in January after serving the mandatory sentence. In Maryland, convicted criminals are required to serve half of their sentence.

You can watch the video which captured the gunfight here.

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