Two Police Officers were killed this weekend

Since the start of 2018, at least 56 law enforcement officers across the U.S. have died while on duty — with 35 of the deaths caused by gunfire.

In 2017 129 officers died in the line of duty. 46 of those were caused by gunfire

In 2016 135 cops died in the line of duty.

Sadly we have had two more Police Officers die in the line of duty over the past weekend.

Sedgwick County, Kansas Deputy Robert Kunze III was fatally shot on Sept. 16 during an altercation with a suspect. The 41-year-old was a 12-year veteran of the police department in Kansas. The suspect died on the scene. You can read more on the incident by clicking here.

“Robert was a great asset to the sheriff’s office,” said Sheriff Joe Easter. “Robert was an exceptional deputy who was loved by everyone he worked with.” Kunze is survived by his wife and daughter.

On Friday, September 14th, an undercover Fort Worth, Texas, Police Officer Garrett Hull , 40, was shot in the head while conducting surveillance on a trio of robbery suspects in Fort Worth, Texas and died late Friday evening.

Hull, a 17-year veteran of the force, was pronounced dead at 9:40 p.m. Friday at John Peter Smith Hospital, where hundreds of his fellow officers had gathered to keep vigil and show their support, ABC News affiliate WFAA reported.

“We’ve lost a true hero,” said Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald. “Someone who has dedicated more than one tour of service to this great city…our whole department is hurting right now.”

Hull was conducting surveillance on a trio of armed robbery suspects near midnight when they entered a sports bar.

The three men entered the bar with guns drawn, authorities said, and Hull and other officers were waiting outside and confronted them as they ran from the establishment and tried to jump into an SUV.

Police said one of the men, Dacion Steptoe, fired at Hull, striking him in the head. Another officer returned fire, killing Steptoe. Two other men, Samuel Mayfield and Timothy Huff, were identified by authorities as Steptoe’s accomplices. It is unclear if those suspects are in custody. You can read more on that incident by clicking here.

Hull is survived by a wife and two daughters.

It’s a dangerous world out there. Stay safe everyone and pray for our fallen brothers and their families.


Durham Fair

Durham Fair

Good morning everyone. The Emerald Society needs your help at the Durham Fair (Sept 28-30). You don’t have to be an Emerald Society member to help us (You’ll get a FREE NHPES T-shirt). We have several posts open so not everyone will be needed to park cars with us, which is kind of fun anyway. If you know any high school kids that need community service hours bring them along or pass the word to to your local high school. Ryan will sign off on their forms.


******CHANGE AS OF 09/27/18***** Everyone needs to report to the Tilcon parking lot on Route 68, 1605 Durham Road Wallingford. The Greenbacker lot is closed.

We have a bunch of people that will be there helping that have done it for several years so you don’t need any experience. The more people we have the easier it gets. Plus we will have food and refreshments that are also free. If you can only spare an hour or so for one f the three days that’s fine too. It will give some one a chance to sit down and grab a bite to eat. Don’t forget to bring a chair.

This is our biggest fundraiser for the year and as you know the money we raise goes back to the community.

We will be there:
Friday Sept 28 from 7:30am-midnight
Saturday Sept 29 from 7:30am-midnight
Sunday 7:30am to 7pm

Again if you can only spare an hour or two that would be great. If you can spare some time call one of the guys, post a comment or just show up. I’ll see you there!

Officer needs assistance



Norwalk Police Officer Philip Roselle needs assistance.

Norwalk Police Officer Philip Roselle, the father of New Haven Police Officer Justin Roselle, needs our assistance.

According to a GoFundMe page set up on his behalf and an article in, “A 30-year police veteran who was accidentally shot by a fellow officer last September needs a kidney transplant to survive.” The article went on to say, “Last September, he was shot by a fellow officer in an accidental discharge at the shooting range, changing his life forever,” wrote Kelly Hollister, the organizer of the fundraising account.

Officer Philip Roselle, who lives in Norwalk with his wife and their two sons, ages 9 and 14, was shot in the arm during target practice on Sept. 5, 2017, at the firing range at Norwalk police headquarters. Roselle was rushed to the hospital after the shooting. He has been off workers’ compensation since May and has used up the last of his sick and vacation days, Hollister said. According to Hollister, Roselle needs a kidney transplant to survive. She said the creation of the fundraising page was to ensure Roselle and his family didn’t have to worry about money.

The GoFundMe account had raised $6,155 of its $10,000 goal as of 4:10 p.m. Saturday. The page was published on Aug. 28. “Complications from the shooting accident have cause his kidneys to fail, and he is now on dialysis treatment three times a week,” Hollister said. The plan was to get Roselle on the transplant list at Yale New Haven Hospital and start to search for a living kidney donor. Anyone who might be interested in donating a kidney to Roselle is asked to contact Hollister via the GoFundMe page.

But before Roselle can get that life-saving kidney transplant, he has to be in reasonably good health. Over the last two months, he has been in the hospital’s critical care unit twice, Hollister said, adding that he currently has a blood clot in his lung. Doctors are working to try to dissolve the clot with medication, she said. Roselle also has a partial blockage in his heart, Hollister said. He is waiting for a decision on the appropriate treatment for that problem.

And, on top of everything else, Roselle still has the bullet from the shooting inside of him. It was unclear if there are plans to remove it.
Roselle has been a police officer in Norwalk for 30 years. But even if he gets better, he won’t be able to return to his job as a police officer.
“Permanent nerve damage to his right hand caused by the shooting will prevent him from ever working again,” Hollister said.

The GoFundMe page can be found by clicking here or at

A Facebook page that posts updates on Roselle’s condition can be found on facebook by clicking here or at

Any donations to help our brother police officer would be greatly appreciated.

Never Forget



NYPD Officer Walter Waever’s back up revolver

911 Revolver

It seems like there was a before 911 life and an after 911 life for we Americans. Although life has gotten as back to normal as we can be we are ever vigilant for the next big thing. Never forget that day but remember to live your life every day. Never question the sheepdogs as we are the ones keeping the wolves at bay. Our fallen brothers and sisters did just that by running towards the sound of battle that day. They put their fears behind them, knowing what they faced, and sacrificed everything.

Watch this moving 911 tribute and have an outstanding day!


Low pay for New Haven Police


Police Union takes out ad on billboard

The New Haven Police union said that low pay and benefits are the reason 34 officers left in three years. Police have been without a contract and pay increase in over two years and are headed to arbitration next month. In a rare move as part of the drive for better benefits the union has taken out two digital billboard ads near the intersections of I-91 and I-95.

One billboard states, “Low pay police don’t stay” according to Craig Miller president of the local union. Police Chief Anthony Campbell stated the police are down 85 officers and is expected to get worse by the end of the year. After more retirement at the end of the year police may be down 130 officers.

Miller said this falls back to a public safety issue. Miller went on to say, “We need to be fully staffed to protect the public, to perform our duties as police officers.”
The second digital billboard ad states, “In three years, 34 officers have left New Haven for better pay or benefits.”

The starting pay for officers is around $44,000 and according to Miller may be the lowest pay for law enforcement in the state. According to the City of Hartford’s website the starting pay for police officers is $49,851. According to the city of Bridgeport’s starting salary for police officers is $47,164.

In an article by NBC Connecticut they spoke with Mayor Toni Harp who stated “Members of the New Haven Police Department comprise what I believe is the best-trained and most effective law enforcement agency in Connecticut.” She further told NBC Connecticut in a statement, “The current, binding arbitration process will yield a new contract to provide them with appropriate compensation for their efforts given the city’s current ability to provide that compensation.” Mayor Harp recently defended handing out pay raises to her staff.

Mayor Harp recently granted her staff pay raises that ranged from two percent to almost 28 percent. These records were obtained by NBC Connecticut and state the records were obtained from a local government source. The highest raise was given to an executive administrative assistant.

The top paid employee on the list is the city’s attorney who will now take home $161,250 followed by the city’s health director who will make $155,875. A majority of the raises for the 37 employees are 7.5 percent. Seven of the salary bumps are greater than $10,000.

Mayor Harp recently diverted nearly $4,000 from the city fire department to obtain uniforms from for her administrative staff. These funds were intended to outfit firefighters with protective gear and uniforms according to an article by NBC Connecticut. Two receptionists and one mayoral aid received a combined total of $3,959 of the diverted funds.

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

Closer to Free Ride this Saturday

Dave Knickerbocker

Dave Knickerbocker at the parade

It’s that time of year again!! The Closer to Free Ride is Saturday 09.08.17. This is Connecticut’s most organized cycling ride which is now in its 8th year. The vision to start this ride was formed in 2009 with the opening of Smilow Cancer Hospital. Riders decide how long they will bike for, 10, 25, 62.5 or 100 miles, with many rest stops along the way manned all by volunteers. The ride starts by passing Smilow Cancer Hospital where many patients and staff come out to cheer on the riders, which is an amazing site. Riders ride alongside cancer patients and survivors as they cycle all throughout Connecticut. They return to New Haven where the ride culminates in the Yale Bowl where they pass through a spectacular finish line.

One hundred percent of the funds raised by ride participant supports patient care and research at Smilow Cancer Hospital and Yale Cancer Center.

Members of the New Haven Police Emerald Society will be directing bicycle traffic as the approach and pass through the final turn of the ride, located at Chapel Street and Central Avenue. This is a special time for the Emerald Society as we do it in honor of one of our own, Dave Knickerbocker, who lost his heroic battle with cancer. Dave was a retired Sergeant who was with the New Haven Police Department. Dave served in many departments within the New Haven P.D. which included Patrol, Mounted Unit, Narcotics and Robbery/Burglary. He was the Sergeant at Arms and an Executive Board member for the Emerald Society for 16 years.

Come down to Chapel and Central after 8am. and help us direct the bicycle traffic. If you can’t come down all day come down and spend a few minutes with us there, which will give the guys a few minutes to have a sandwich. We will have food and beverages there. After that take a walk around the finish line and visit with some of the riders, vendors and food trucks. I’ll see you there!

If you want to learn more about the ride click here.